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Dr Ajay Shah is practising Doctor Gynecologist in Ahmedabad & Infertility Specialist in Ahmedabad since 40 years. He studied his medical education in Ahmedabad. He did his MBBS from NHL Medical College in 1975, his M.D. in 1979 from Gujarat University, India.

He worked as a research medical officer in department of gynec oncology in M P Shah Cancer Hospital for 3 years. He later worked as assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in various hospitals in Ahmedabad till 1993. He started first IVF Centre in ahmedabad in year 1994, as hope fertility clinic.

He at present works as a private consultant. His first clinic (Sneh-Tara Clinic) deals with all types of Obstetrics and gynecological cases, while his second Clinic (Eve’s Clinic) deals exclusively infertility patients. He is attached to majority private corporate hospitals where he admits his patients. Till now he has treated more than fifty thousand patients.

His approach to his patient is simplistic, “Let me diagnose your condition”. He has a scientific approach to management and he often combines various treatment modules to cure a condition. “Patient comes for cure not to evaluate doctor’s knowledge”. His Five core principles of life-Hard Work, Sincerity, dedication, discipline and honesty has paid him rich dividends.

He is a voracious reader, everyday spend regular time to read newer advances in medical field, is curious to search for his patient’s ailment on internet and attends all the important medical events to update his knowledge. He has a keen interest in alternative and complimentary therapies and guides patients whenever allopathy falters.

He has many hobbies. He writes regularly in Gujarati (his mother tongue). He Paints, Photographs, travels and loves meeting friends. He is a strong believer in God.

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